The Gee Seng Curry Family

Has been serving the curry industries and famous curry shop in Malaysia for the past 30years……

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From The Past…….

41 years ago, Mr. Neon Keng Yan the founder of Gee Seng had his first curry paste shop located in Ipoh Central Market in year 1961.   Mr. Neon Keng Yan has created and blended many delicious curries paste and spices to many local curry shop and restaurant in Perak States.


He has been behind the scene supported many proud restaurant owners and it got to the point where the restaurant and shop was well known for its curry dishes that even curry and food lovers came from all over Malaysia and also Singapore and many more were making their way there. 


Overseas and outstation customers were always asking Mr. Neon to share his recipe in making good curries.  More and more of these inquiries started coming in and the founder Mr. Neon started putting serious thought in packaging his delicious curry paste.

In year 2010

Ideas became a reality and Gee Seng Sdn. Bhd. was up and running with it’s first factory and made its way into the industrial market.


It has now successfully launched 6 different Asian curry paste flavors and uncountable fresh herb and spices, where each one loved by the curry lovers and proud restaurant owners. 


In addition to the Malaysian market, all of Gee Seng products are analysis and certified its NUTRITION AND HALAL by Malaysia authorities, so they are safe for our Muslim customers to enjoy.  Customers have always given us a lot of positive feedback on our products.  


Only the natural spices and herbs of premier grade go into the production of our curry pastes.  We are big believers in healthy-eating and living healthy lifestyle, and we offer the highest quality curry paste for your enjoyment.

多合一 即煮咖喱酱 : 商业包装


All In One Instant Curry Sauce Commercial Package: -

  • Instant Meat Curry Paste         
  • Instant Seafood Curry Paste     
  • Instant Tom Yam     
  • Instant Sambal Udang     
  • Instant Asam Laksa     
  • Instant Vegetarian Curry

Asam Laksa